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No 670 - Lilac Breasted Roller - Coracias caudata 

About the Bird - an Artist's view

This beautiful bird seems to know just how good looking it is, because they will land and sit rather close to you, and pose just like a model. Scotch Mackaskill took the photo, and got it just the way I like to paint them. I used another of his photos to paint the Carmine Bee-eater, this proves that a double scotch is always better than a single. Now where did I put the ice? Many thanks Scotch, great photo


PRICE $ 636.00 unframed

Painting size 400 x 535 mm - Acrylic on Board

Prices include postage within South Africa.  

Other countries, postage will be quoted obtained for postage or courier as this is excluded in the price

Cape Town
South Africa

Email: order@artpromotions.co.za
Phone: +27 (0)21 853 5776
Cel:: +27 (0)84 420 1970

Thank you for expressing an interest in Ron's art. One of us will get back to you soonest. Do have a great day. Lillian